LIVE School Schedule

2nd period (beginning flute) – 9:36-10:18

3rd period (beginning low brass and horns) – 10:39-11:21

5th period (honors band) – 11:58-1:00

6th Period (symphonic band) – 1:04-1:52

6th Period (beginning sax, double reeds, percussion) – 1:50-2:32

7th Period (beginning clarinet and trumpet) – 2:35-3:17

End of school day for HPMS: 3:15 PM

End of school day for MIS: 3:35 PM

Invoice Excel

Click to download the EXCEL FILE for lesson teacher invoicing. 

Invoice PDF

Click below to download the PDF FILE for lesson teacher invoicing. 

6th Grade Contact Info

To access contact info for beginning band, visit the link above and visit the tab for your instrument. As you sign students up, please let me know who you are teaching and I will check them off for you to help you keep track of who has not yet signed up.  

Phone numbers which have been blacked out are confidential and cannot be shared. 

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