New to MIS/HPMS?

Welcome! We are glad you are here!

Prior experience is NOT necessary to join the Raider Band. Anyone who would like to learn to play an instrument is welcome.

If you are a current 5th grader and you plan to be in band next year:

Please make every effort to attend the “Meet the Instruments Night” that will be held during your 9 weeks of band!  This is a come and go event designed to provide you with the opportunity to try every instrument that we have in 6th grade band.  This event is HIGHLY encouraged for all 5th grade students.  If you cannot attend the scheduled night for your quarter, please contact Ms. Whitehouse for more information! 

If you already play a band instrument and you are joining us from another school district:

Please contact Ms. Whitehouse to schedule an appointment for a band placement audition. This will involve playing some scales and any music you know that will give us an idea of your level of proficiency. It should not be anything about which to be concerned or worried.

If you are moving into the Park Cities community and would like to join the band:

Please contact Ms. Whitehouse to schedule a meeting for instrument selection. This will usually take about 15-20 minutes and is the first very important step toward becoming a successful musician. Please do not rent or purchase an instrument without first meeting with one of the MIS/HPMS Band Directors.

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