3rd 9 Weeks Practice Record

6th Grade Beginning Band:

All 6th graders in band are part of the MIS 6th Grade Beginning Band. 6th grade band students will meet each day in like instrument classes during 3rd period (10:55 AM – 12:00 PM). This 65 minute period will be divided into two separate blocks. Students in the first block of time (Block A) will attend PE immediately following their band class. Students in the second block of time (Block B) will attend PE from 10:55 – 11:25 and will then go to their band class.

The teacher for each class is listed in parentheses.

10:55 AM – 11:25 AM:

  • Flute                                        (Mrs. Sobering) 
  • Clarinet                                   (Mr. Parks)
  • Trumpet                                  (Ms. Whitehouse)
  • Euphonium & Tuba              (Mr. Emsley)


11:30 AM – 12:00 PM:

6th Grade Band Members are Required to:

  • Prepare for and perform concerts throughout the school year
  • Perform at Solo and Ensemble Contest (April)

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