Meet the Instruments

While the dates for Meet the Instruments will be different, we will plan to provide this opportunity to all incoming 6th graders for the 20-21 school year as soon as we are able to!


Our 5th Grade “Meet the Instruments” is an opportunity for you to try out all of the instruments that are available to our 6th grade band students. Since clarinet, trumpet and trombone are the only 5th grade instrument options, we want you all to have a chance to try out EVERYTHING else you might be able to play in 6th grade band. This is not a sign up for band, but an opportunity to try each instrument and have all of the information you need to make a decision when the time comes! Only students who attend a meet the instruments event will be considered for the additional instruments offered in 6th grade band. All students who do not attend an event will automatically be placed on the instrument they played in 5th grade.  Parents are encourage to attend and watch the process!


We will host two “Meet the Instruments” events. All of these will be held in the Highland Park Middle School Cafeteria. Please enter the middle school through the cafeteria doors located at the back of the school. 

Saturday, April 4th:               9:15 am – 11:45 am, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Tuesday, April 7th:                4:30 pm – 7:00 pm


In 6th grade band, we have all of the instruments that are offered in 5th grade as well as: flute, oboe, bassoon, saxophone, French horn, euphonium, tuba and percussion! There are many options and we want you to have an opportunity to try them all. For information about each of the instruments, please visit our band website (  Students who wish to be considered for instruments other than the one they played in 5th grade must attend one of these two events.


We have hired some of the best and most experienced band directors that we know who are GREAT at helping students choose an instrument that they can be very successful on! We all have instruments that we may be better suited for than others. These directors are here to guide you through trying each instrument and help determine which one(s) might be best for you!

The event is COME AND GO and will be held in the Highland Park Middle School Cafeteria! These events provide a rare opportunity for you to play all of the different instruments. We encourage you to try them all!  This typically takes 30 – 45 minutes.

All students interested in playing percussion must screen for all other instruments prior to screening for percussion. Parents, if your child is interested in screening for percussion, they will sign a form indicating their interest. We will contact parents to set up a time for students to meet with our district percussion director to screen. Some percussion screenings will take place during the school day (during elective time or advisory), others will be after school and/or on Saturdays depending on your availability.


 You will fill out a form when you arrive and will take this form with you to each of the instruments stations. After you have tried them all, you will find Ms. Whitehouse at a “check-out” table. We will talk briefly about all of the instruments you tried and then have you “rank” your top 3 instrument choices (including the instrument you play now). We will hold onto this form until April after you have turned in your elective choice sheet. Once we see who has signed up for band, we will go back through all of the forms and place each student on an instrument. WE ARE ALMOST ALWAYS ABLE TO FIT STUDENTS ON ONE OF THEIR TOP 3 CHOICES!!!

We look forward to seeing you all there!!!