Digital Resources

Listed below are some of the resources students are encourage to use to help them excel in band.

Practice Sightreading

Having trouble with rhythms? This is a free, interactive website that will help you with different levels reading rhythms!

Online Tuner

With the use of a microphone students can have access to a tuner anytime or anywhere.

Digital Metronome

If you don’t have access to a metronome at home, this is a free website that allows students to have a metronome anywhere they go.

Instrument Specifics

The United States Army Field Band has produced a series of instructional videos for distribution to musicians. These videos cover a wide range of topics including a brief history of each instrument and methods for improving tone, technique, and intonation.

Not sure what a certain word in your music means?  Want to know more about a certain composer? Click on this link and enter the word or composer name and explore some more!
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