The safety of our Raider Band Family is our highest priority at all times! Our mission is to go ABOVE AND BEYOND minimum safety standards for the safety of our band students and staff. 

How are we protecting our Raider Band family?

Page Updated:  Sunday, September 6, 2020


The University of Boulder – Colorado is the  ONLY study that is trusted by fine arts and instrumental education organizations around the country. This study has been funded by the Texas Bandmasters Association and the Texas Music Educators Association, in addition to numerous other national organizations. We are using the findings from this study to determine the best mitigation plans and strategies to fit our unique needs. 


At this time, all private lessons will be held VIRTUALLY. Lessons can still take place during class. Students who take lessons during school will need to bring a fully charged chromebook to band class on lesson days. 

*UPDATE 9/6:  We have secured permission to phase in live private lessons. We will not offer live lessons until we have a fully operational plan to maintain the health and safety of students and lesson staff. More information to come soon! 


Masks MUST BE WORN when students are not actively playing. Students will lower masks while playing instead of fully removing it.


Option 1:  Students can opt to wear 2 masks to band class that overlap in the center of the mouth. Students can fit their mouthpiece between the masks to play.

Option 2:  Wear a disposable mask to band each day. Cut a slit in the center of the mask that can fit the mouthpiece.  Disposable masks should never be reused. 

Option3:  Wear a shield to ensure extra protection while playing.  The shield will not replace a mask when not playing – students who opt to use a shield must still wear a mask when not actively playing. 

*Option 3 is the best for flute players.*



Students will be supplied with a special instrument bell cover on the first day of live band. We have chosen the highest quality bell cover that is currently on the market! Additionally, we will secure additional MERV-13 filters onto the backs of the bell covers for extra protection. The amount of protection being placed on our instruments FAR EXCEEDS even wearing a mask in a regular classroom because we are choosing to add additional filtration!

*All students, regardless of initial live or virtual plans, will be provided with a bell cover!*

**NEW!** Sept 6 Update: 


The district has provided the band program with several HEPA air filters to maintain the safest possible air quality for our classroom spaces.  


Flute players surprisingly display the LOWEST mitigation risk of the instruments assessed in the University of Colorado – Boulder study due to the nature of how their sound is produced. Flute players will be asked to put their instrument behind their mask when they play. Disposable masks are the most highly recommended for this to avoid potential stretching of the elastic bands in reusable masks; however, disposable masks are not required. A proper fabric mask will also suffice. 


All released studies recommend 6×6 ft of spacing for most instruments (6×9 for trombones). We as a staff are committed to going the extra mile to protect our students! As such, we have planned for 8×12 ft spacing between students in band class. Classes that are larger than 50 students will be split into 2 groups.  

We are very fortunate in Highland Park ISD to have top-notch facilities that can properly handle the spacing we are able to offer to our students! 


The HP Raider Band Boosters, band parents, and HPISD purchased enough puppy pads for the band program to provide disposable daily protection for our brass students.  Brass students will pick up a puppy pad on the way in to class each day and will throw away the puppy pad on the way out of class. Brass students are required to empty condensation ONLY onto the provided puppy pads during class.


Once again, we are very fortunate in Highland Park to have ample instrument availability for our students who use school-owned instruments. Students WILL NOT share instruments, and students will not be allowed to touch other students’ instruments under any circumstances. 


Percussionists will rehearse separately from the rest of the band during the fall due to space constraints. Percussionists will be required to wear a mask for the duration of class and will not be allowed to share any sticks. School-owned equipment will be sanitized between classes if it is used. 

Special note: This year, more than ever, it is highly important for percussion students to rent/purchase personal practice marimbas due to constraints on sharing equipment at school. 

Please visit the links below for stick rental and marimba rental options.

Any 3 octave marimba option is encouraged.

**NEW!**  Sept. 6 Update

We will provide gloves to our percussion students any time they need to use shared school equipment.  This still does NOT allow students to share sticks. 


We are very fortunate in Highland Park ISD to have ample space in our storage areas for our students’ instruments! Our storage facility is built with teaching space in mind, which means our students have extra distancing room! Instrument locker assignments will be made with social distancing in mind.  

Students will ONLY be allowed to store instruments and band music in band lockers. Students should plan to quickly grab instruments and bring cases to their seats for assembly at the start of class. At this time, cases will remain directly behind or beneath students’ chairs during class to limit time spent in the storage area. 

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