Practice-A-Thon 2020

Welcome to the HP Raider Band Practice-A-Thon 2020 homepage!  Here, you will find everything you need!  Thank you for supporting the band! 

What IS Practice-A-Thon? 

The Practice A Thon (PAT for short) is the Raider Band annual fundraiser. 

Each day for 3 weeks, students time their practice and keep track of every minute practiced.  Students ask family and friends of the family to support them and take donations for each minute practiced.  A typical donation per minute is around 10 to 25 cents per minute; however, a donor is welcome to choose whatever price he or she is comfortable with. 

Students can also take a flat donation from donors who are more comfortable just giving a donation instead of worrying about price per minute practiced.

At the end of the event, students will calculate their total number minutes practiced over the course of the event.  Their special tracking sheet will calculate the total donation amount for each donor.  Students will communicate with each unique donor the total minutes practiced and total amount owed. 

Please click on the “Click Here To Donate” button to contribute your total donation amount. 

Why does the band do Practice-A-Thon? 

Start of year Band Registration fees only cover a small portion of the costs necessary to run our successful band program! The funds raised through our one annual fundraiser help us pay for things such as:

-Inventory Upkeep  -Special guest teachers  -New equipment

  -Buses -Cool field trips and events -Lesson Scholarships.     

-Masterclasses  -New instruments -Food  -Music for Concerts 

-Concerts  -Additional for 2020: Specialized PPE to keep our band students safe during COVID!

Student Information

For a copy of the PAT Tracking Form and Calendar, please visit Google Classroom. 

Your unique copy of the form can be found in the Classwork Tab under the “Practice-A-Ton 2020” heading. 

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